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VMX New Container Pre-sale

1. Complete the order.
The pre-sale only lasts a week from August 13th. to August 20th.

2. VMX hat or shirt as a gift.
We will send you free hat or shirt with our VMX logo.
Please remark what you want as a gift.

3. Ship items out in order of payment.
We will ship items immediately when the container arrives (about a month later).
You complete the order earlier , the shipment will be processed earlier.

*All of the presale items are original price as usual ,and will show the true available number in stock.
*Once sold out , the wheels set will back again in couple of months later!!!  So, if there is any wheels set you want , please do not hesitate.
*The wheels in the container will arrive in a month later. 

*The hat and shirt as gift will be sent out by order. When they are out of stock, there will be no gift anymore.
*If you choose the shirt as your gift, please leave us a note including your height and weight , so we could distribute your shirt in the most suitable size.

Here is the pre-sale wheels set catalog.